West Coast Regionals – November 2022

Congratulations DMJ for a Fabulous Showing at the 2022 West Coast Regionals!

TSA Regionals

CAD-Brandon E-2nd Place

Leadership Strategies- DMJ, Aiden N, Sam N, Max E.-2nd place

Tech Bowl -DMJ , Hunter O, Chiatu K, Carl S – 3rd place

Prepared Speech- Taylor L. -2nd Place

Chapter Team – DMJ- Taylor L, Sneha B, Kinley M, Hunter O, Chaitu K, Sam N- 2nd Place

System Control – DMJ – Liam E, Vihaan A, Charlotte S – 2nd Place

Structural-DMJ -Maia B, Gabe D-2nd Place

Digital Photography- Braden S. -3rd Place, Maya R. -2nd place

Essays – Sam N. – 2nd Place

On Demand Video – DMJ- Taylor L, Sneha B, Kinley M, Gabe F. – 2nd Place

Promo Marketing – Sneha B – 1st Place

Go to our Pictures page for the pictures from 2022 West Coast Regionals

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