Parents Expectations

Just like our DMJ TSA students have certain expectations they need to follow to be a part of our TSA chapter, we also have some expectations for the parents.

First, know how thankful we are that you are entrusting us with your child (or children) and supporting their desire to be in TSA. Above all else just being there and showing your support for your child is very helpful to us as advisors. For all our returning TSA parents please know that a big part of our success as a chapter last year was due to your support.

In order to continue our success as a TSA chapter we feel we must insist on the following expectations from our parents:

  • Communication is key! Please be sure to check emails and this website regularly for updates and information about DMJ TSA. We have been told that our emails have been going to the Spam folders in your email boxes, and have created a Gmail account in the hopes that you will not have to hunt through Spam and Junk folders for our emails. But be aware that you may have to check the other folders.
  • All parents are required to meet with the advisors and students after school each quarter to check in on your child’s progress in TSA. This is to increase awareness of all the work the student’s put into their events, and to help parents understand our timelines for tasks that need to be done for the competitive events. (We will send emails home closer to the meeting times to schedule individual meetings.)
  • While we all want to help our children as much as possible, we must request that as a parent you allow your child to work on their events with as little help from you as possible. This means you cannot do the work for them, except where needed for safety reasons.
  • Parents are expected to be on time to pick up their child from meetings, and other TSA functions. Please understand that as advisors we are already giving our time after school and on weekends for TSA events.
  • Parents of DMJ TSA traveling team members will be required to travel with and attend the National Conference next summer in Louisville, KY at the end of June 2023. This is to help with shuttling back and forth between the hotel and the convention center.
  • This last one is more of a request than an expectation – if you are able to help us in any way through a donation of time, please let us know, see the Parent Volunteer Survey. (This is for returning parents, as new parents had this as part of the new student application.)


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