The following are expectations of all DMJ TSA members:

  • All DMJ TSA members are expected to be in Mrs. Roberts’s 7th period class. (No exceptions!)
  • Must have a B or higher in the TSA class.
  • Must have at least a C average each quarter to stay in TSA.
  • No D’s or F’s on quarterly report cards.
  • Must maintain a clean behavioral record with no referrals or suspensions.
  • Attendance at all regular and special meetings is mandatory. If a student is not able to attend a meeting an advisor must be notified prior to the meeting. If missed meetings becomes excessive, the member may not be considered for the traveling team, or may be removed from the traveling team.
  • During class and meetings all DMJ TSA members are expected to be focused and working on their events. If working in a team, each member is expected to do their share of the work as assigned by the advisors, or team captains.
  • Read through the CEG (Competitive Events Guide) for your events to see what is required for the event.
  • Learn software and necessary skills for your event(s). (This may mean coming in early to work on learning the necessary software, over and above class time.)
  • All phones will be turned in during after school meetings.
  • Parents are expected to attend quarterly meetings to review student progress in TSA events. (Required for traveling team members.)
  • While at competitions or conferences, all DMJ TSA members are expected to follow all TSA expectations and behaviors.
  • Be in proper dress code for class, meetings, or competitions. (See the Dress Code page for proper competitive dress uniforms.)

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