Dress Code

During class and all meeting, DMJ TSA members are expected to be in proper school dress code.

During competitions, students should dress their best to be successful. In TSA this means:
Official TSA girls competitive uniforms with button-down dress shirt and skirt

  • TSA button-down blue dress shirt
  • Gray dress pants (girls may wear a gray skirt)
  • Black dress shoes (girls may wear black open-toed sandals with backs)
  • No sneakers, boots, flip flops, or crocs
  • Black or dark blue socks (boys)
  • Red TSA tie (boys, and Chapter Team)
  • Navy blazer with TSA patch on left side (Chapter Team only)

See the Official TSA Conference Attire sheet for more information.

Official competition dress shirts, ties, and patches can be ordered through the TSA Store.

DMJ Inventions and Innovations team dressed for success

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